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The urban shuttle !


The CAKE Makka is a lightweight yet robust electric moped, designed to hit both city streets and outback adventures, while doubling as a smart configuration platform for your everyday mobile needs. Its platform is easily customized to your specific needs. Choose from a wide array of accessories such as surf racks, top boxes, passenger seats, and much more.


The CAKE Makka :work is an agile yet robust urban mobility tool and smart configuration platform that moves tools, equipment and gear easily from point A to B. Designed for modularity, it helps increase efficiency in your daily work. The Makka :work is built for maximum range, featuring double battery capacity with a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h).


Ideal for short-haul transits and quick city deliveries.

Cake Makka :work Edition

$8,750.00 Regular Price
$7,000.00Sale Price
Color: grey
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